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At Souzet HVAC, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling services to address your family’s needs. Ensuring your home
remains at a comfortable temperature is our number one priority, and our dedicated, experienced,
fully licensed technicians will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.


East Coast winters are no joke. Now is the time to equip your home with a heating system that won’t give out midway through the cold months. Souzet brings you the perfect heating system to fit your home’s requirements, and we ensure that your existing system is always in top working order. We offer everything from furnace repair and installation to cleaning and maintenance, carbon monoxide testing, and indoor air quality inspection. For a massive tax incentive, ask about options for installing a powerful, eco-conscious heat pump in partnership with the Massachusetts Mass Save program. Souzet will address any heating-related task or question to help you stay cozy all season long.

Water Heater Installation

Water heaters sometimes present tricky issues, and you want to ensure they're functional, well- maintained, and properly installed. When bath time rolls around, few things are worse than a faulty or inconsistent water heater. Souzet gives you professional advice on their whole operation and upkeep. We install new units thoroughly and efficiently to ensure you’re entirely set up for success.

Annual Inspections

Like any machine or appliance, your heating and cooling systems require periodic inspections to ensure they’re continuing to perform at their best. Souzet pays preventative visits to keep all your HVAC elements in the best working order. We help you make repairs and replacements and keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible. We also keep you abreast of future costs, and if the time has come for a complete replacement, we can discuss your options for obtaining a new state-of-the-art heat pump and enjoying your sizable Mass Save heat pump rebate.

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Question People Ask

How much does a new replacement system cost?

Due to the many different makes, models and customer needs, price is an issue that can only be solved by doing a thorough evaluation of your home and existing equipment. There is no charge for an in-house replacement proposal.

Does a larger HVAC system offer better performance?

The answer to this question is simple- No! If you get a system that is too large, the HVAC system will heat or cool your home faster than an adequate sized system; however, it will operate in short cycles which causes the system to start and stop more frequently which results in a higher energy bill. On the other hand, if a system is too small, it will run continuously to try attaining the desired temperature which ultimately will also result in a higher energy bill. Overall, the best sized HVAC system for your home is based on your house’s square footage so that it can heat and cool your house without overworking your system.

Do you offer services for commercial establishments?

Yes. We are specialized both in residential and commercial projects!